What Are The Best Golf Cart Batteries – Complete Guide

What Are The Best Golf Cart Batteries

Amstron GC2 6V AGM Battery

The Amstron GC2 6V AGM is small and light but very durable.  Build quality is excellent with great resistance to vibration and the absence of free water means that you don’t have to worry about any of the standard issues associated with water tanks, such as freezing or spilling, nor do you have to remember to top them up.  This battery is a particularly good choice for people who only use their golf carts for part of the year, since it is both versatile enough to be used for other purposes and designed to withstand long periods of storage.

Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart, Marine, RV Battery
  • Voltage: 6, Amperage: 210000mAh, Chemistry: AGM
  • NEW
  • Amstron
  • Sealed Lead Acid
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Universal UB121000

Universal is to batteries what Wilson is to clubs.  They may not be the absolute best around in terms of objective quality, but they’re still pretty good and, in particular, this range has excellent resistance to vibration, which is a huge plus for anyone looking to maximize the life of their battery.  Overall, these golf cart batteries are solid value.

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Lifeline Marine AGM Battery – GPL-4CT

The word “marine” in the name of the Lifeline Marine AGM Battery – GPL-4CT actually has a double meaning.  First of all, this battery is just loved by sailors of all kinds and secondly it’s built, in the U.S.A. to military standards, although we don’t know if it’s actually used by the Marines.  Even though it’s billed as a boat battery, there are plenty of people buy it for other purposes, such as RVs and golf carts.  It certainly isn’t remotely close to being the cheapest battery out there, however, if you have the budget it may be worth a look if you want a great battery which can be used in a variety of environments.  It’s also worth noting that while the headline price is certainly high, the design is just so good that, if you care for it properly, it will last and last, to provide an excellent return on your investment.  Similarly if you do have to give your golf cart (and its battery) a bit of a tough time, such as on hills, or in challenging terrain, then you should certainly take a look at the Lifeline Marine AGM Battery – GPL-4CT.

Lifeline Marine AGM Battery - GPL-4CT
  • Voltage: 6 Volts
  • Amp. Hrs. 20 Hr Rate: 220
  • Minutes of Discharge @ 25 Amps - 492
  • Minutes of Discharge @ 15 Amps - 856
  • Minutes of Discharge @ 8 Amps - 1692
  • Great for Marine, RV, & Solar applications
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Trojan Trojan 6 Volt Battery T-105

The Trojan Trojan 6 Volt Battery T-105 was really designed with golf carts in mind.  In other words, it may not offer quite the same level of versatility as some of the other options here, but if you simply want a battery to put in your golf cart, then this one is an excellent choice.  The main reason it is so good is because it has a life cycle of approximately 750 charges, which is currently (no pun intended), the best there is.  It’s also relatively light, which is a plus when you’re aiming to stay within the weight recommendations for your golf cart.

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UPG UB12350 (Group U1) Battery – Universal Battery

This battery is a good choice for people who want versatility is it can be used in other types of vehicle as well as golf carts.  The build quality is very good, with excellent resistance to vibration and solid water management.  If you regularly play on a bumpy course then you should definitely take a look at this battery as it is designed to be completely spill proof and while every battery has to have a limit somewhere, this battery’s limit is going to be higher than most.

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Mighty Max Battery brand ML75-12

In practical terms two good reasons are the fact that they can be bought in sets and the fact that the manufacturer sells direct to the public, which not only helps to keep prices down but also means that you have a single point of contact if you need to claim on your warranty.  Furthermore, build quality and weight are both good, cycle life is respectable and discharge rate is excellent.

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A Complete Guide To What Are The Best Golf Cart Batteries

Like electric cars, electric golf carts are steadily gaining in popularity due to their increasing effectiveness and reliability combined with their quiet operation. Just like electric cars, electric golf carts depend on their batteries to operate and so getting a good battery is fundamental to having a good experience with an electric golf cart.

Understanding golf cart batteries

Fundamentally, golf cart batteries are deep-cycle batteries similar to the ones used in cars (including regular, gas-powered ones). Many golf carts will come with batteries in them, but, as is the way of all batteries, at some point these will need to be replaced and you may even choose to do so before your batteries cease to be operational so as to benefit from an improvement in performance. Here are five key features of golf cart batteries, which contribute to a good performance.

Voltage and capacity

While these are separate concepts, they are so closely linked that it’s worth looking at them as a pair. Voltage describes how much power a battery can provide, while capacity describes the length of time for which it can deliver that power. Your golf cart will have a minimum voltage requirement to get it moving at all and once that has been satisfied; the capacity of your batteries will determine how long it can keep moving between charges. If you use a battery with a lower voltage than your device requires, then it will use up its charge more quickly than would have been expected if it had been used to power a device with lower voltage requirements.

Conversely, if you use a higher-voltage battery than the device requires, then the capacity will last longer. Ideally, however, you want to use the correct level of voltage for your device and then choose a battery with an appropriate capacity for your needs, in which case you will be using the battery under optimal conditions and can expect it to have the longest, possible life.

Your golf cart manual should give you information about what voltage you need and how it can be delivered, for example if your cart requires 48 volts then, in principle, you could use eight 6-volt batteries, six 8 –volt batteries or four 12-volt batteries to achieve the necessary output although in practice your cart may place restrictions on what you can do in practice.

NB: You will generally be required to use groups of batteries with the same voltage rather than being to mix and match them.

best golf cart batteries

Battery type

You may have noticed in the standard battery market, there are different types of battery technologies available such as lithium ion or nickel metal hydride. It’s the same in the golf cart battery market. The three main types of battery are:

  1. Flooded lead acid battery
  2. AGM lead acid battery
  3. Gel lead acid battery

Again, you need to refer to your golf cart manual to see what type(s) of battery your golf cart supports.

Terminal and connections

When considering a potential golf cart battery, see how many terminals it has (again, check with your golf cart manual for any specific requirements) and make sure you buy connection cables of the right length to stop your golf cart battery from overheating.


Even the best batteries lose power with age so you want to ensure that you buy the youngest, freshest batteries possible. Reputable manufacturers will indicate the date of manufacture on the battery itself. Usually there will be a letter to indicate the month (A being January through to L being December) and the year will be printed beside it. Obviously this date has to be put into context, for example a battery which was made 6 months ago but has not been used may be in much better condition than one made 3 months ago, which has been badly used, but it’s a helpful point to note nevertheless.

golf cart

Robust, well-thought-out design and build

The importance of good design and build quality cannot be overstated. Let’s explain what that means in practice.

Rugged construction

You want heavy-duty casing, high-density components and partition connectors fitted with cast-on straps to reduce vibration. As a bonus, this will also provide superior electrical conductivity, speaking of which, you also want an electrical short protection system.

Sound-cycling technology

In simple terms, you want your battery to discharge and recharge as deeply as possible (although you never want it to become completely empty). Sound-cycling technology enhances this process and currently some manufacturers claim that their batteries have a 70% depth of discharge. Batteries with deeper discharge tend to have longer lives.

Optimized power distribution

The whole point of a battery is to get electrical power where it’s needed and the best golf cart batteries have designs which are optimized to give the best possible distribution and control of power.

Ease of maintenance

In particular, you want a water tank which optimizes consumption, minimizes loss and is easy to top up.

There are two further points you should look for before taking a final decision on which golf cart battery to buy.

A meaningful warranty

Manufacturers which are prepared to back their golf cart batteries with decent warranties, have confidence in them. That’s a good sign that you can too.

STANLEY GBCPRO Golf Cart & Vehicle Battery Charger
  • Ideal for charging golf carts and motor vehicle batteries
  • Automatic voltage detection and charging
  • 6 volt to 48 volt charging capability
  • LCD digital display provides clear information
  • Not for sale in California or Oregon

A good charger

It’s is simply amazing how many “problems with golf cart batteries” are actually problems with “golf cart battery chargers”. If you buy a high quality golf cart battery, it will probably come with an equally good charger, although even then you may wish to upgrade. If, for some reason, you buy a golf-cart battery without a charger then it’s definitely worthwhile to invest some money in a good one.

  • It’s important to charge your golf cart battery properly.
  • The best charger in the world is only going to do any good if you use it properly, so here are the basics of good charging practice.
  • Only charge your battery till it is full.
  • These days most chargers will shut off automatically once a battery is charged but if, you have an “old-school” one which doesn’t then keep an eye on it yourself and shut it off at the right time. Cellphones can come in really handy here as you can set an alarm to remind you.
  • Aim to charge your batteries after every use
  • Avoid letting your batteries run down completely if you possibly can.
  • Always charge your battery till it’s full
  • When you charge your battery do it completely, rather than just topping it up.

Golf cart batteries require a minimal degree of maintenance

Once a month, clean your golf cart battery (meaning use a desulfation product to get rid of sulfur deposits) and top up the water tank with distilled water, make sure you adhere to the water-level markings. This only takes a few minutes and really helps your battery.

Be a considerate driver

Pay attention to weight limits, they are given for a reason and should be respected.

Use electric-powered devices such as lights and radios only when you need them, keep them turned off the rest of the time.

Drive your golf cart in the same sort of way as you would if you were trying to conserve fuel in a regular car. Avoid starting and stopping suddenly, aim for smoothness and try to avoid taking your golf cart over rough terrain and/or steep hills. Of course, sometimes these actions are unavoidable but try not to make a habit of them.

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Store your golf cart batteries properly

If you only use your golf cart for part of the year then make sure you store it properly the rest of the time.  This means fully charged and in a location with a moderate temperature, in other words it should protect the battery from both hot and cold weather.  If you’re storing the battery for several months, you may want to check in on it every couple of months and top up the charge.


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Best Golf Cart Batteries Selling On Amazon

So now you know what to look for in a golf cart battery and how to take care of one, here is our roundup of the top six golf cart batteries.

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