Top 5 Teas Which Will Help You Sleep Faster and Better

Top 5 Teas Which Will Help You Sleep Faster and Better

An herbal tea has long been used for its body-relaxing and mind-calming properties and health benefits. And by drinking tea before bedtime, you can also sleep faster, better and with higher quality and quantity of restorative sleep, which aids in body recharging and repair for a rejuvenated and rested feeling the next day.  Now, what are the top five tea varieties that can help you achieve this goal? Keep reading.

Best Teas for Sleeping Faster and Better

Chamomile tea


The herbal tea is a natural remedy for reducing inflammation. It also works as sleep inducer and mild tranquilizer because of its calming properties attributed for its apigenin, one of its main compounds. These chemicals work by binding to specific brain receptors, which induce sleep and reduce anxiety.

One study conducted to 60 nursing home residents revealed astounding results – better sleep quality for those who received 400 mg of the herb’s extract versus those who didn’t.

In a related study, participants, who were postpartum women, improved their sleep quality by drinking chamomile tea for two weeks versus those who did not.

On the other hand, those who had chronic insomnia and received 270 mg of chamomile extract twice a day within a 28-day period slept faster within 15 minutes versus those in the other group.  They didn’t only sleep faster but were also able to wake up fewer times versus the placebo group. Overall, the apigenin antioxidant in chamomile tea may aid in achieving quality sleep.

Valerian Root

About 30% of people are experiencing insomnia – having difficulty to achieve restorative sleep.

According to certain studies,   Valerian Root may be able to speed up the time of falling asleep and improving both its quantity and quality.

The herb can help you sleep better because of its linarin and hesperidin, types of antioxidants that have sleep enhancing and sedative properties.   Many of the compounds in valerian root also work by inhibiting too much activity happening in the brain’s amygdala, which is responsible for processing emotional responses to stress and fear.

Based on a study involving 27 adults suffering from sleep difficulties, 24 of them experienced improved sleep, while 12 of these people noted perfect sleep attributed to 400 mg of the herb’s extract.

What happens is that it may help you achieve deep sleep or slow wave sleep, which is responsible for recharging and repairing the body to make you feel energetic and refreshed when you wake up the following day.

Valerian root also helps insomniacs who stopped taking benzodiazepines, which may lead to dependence with prolonged use.

Lemon Balm Tea


Lemon Balm Tea

This herb belongs to the mint family, and it can be used for a wide range of applications.  Some of its known benefits are providing pain relief and a remedy for indigestion.

By drinking lemon balm tea, you will feel more relaxed especially if mixing it with chamomile, which helps you achieve a relaxed feeling to sleep faster.   What makes the tea an effective sleep inducer? It also contains chemicals that work in harmony to send you to sleep faster.

  •         Terpenes interact with cellular and neural receptors for boosting dopamine activity.
  •         Eugenol helps in numbing tissues, calming muscle spasms and killing bacteria.
  •         Tannins have antiviral properties and a natural antioxidant.

If you would like to sleep faster and better, you might want to drink lemon balm tea, which is one of the best herbal teas that work best in inducing and promoting restorative sleep.  It also has anti-stress properties and aids in lowering the number of times you wake up in the middle of the night.


The herb is known for its refreshing effects mainly for its aroma that can create a feeling of freshness.  It also offers plenty of benefits, such as improved relaxation.  If you would like to benefit from these effects, you might want to consider drinking spearmint herbal tea before bedtime.

Spearmint also contains menthol that has sedative and soothing effects, promoting a calm and relaxed state of mind.

So if you’re suffering from mood disorders including anxiety and chronic stress, which gives you trouble sleeping, you might want to drink spearmint tea at night to help ease your mind and eliminate the negative effects of stress on your system.


This list should not miss lavender, which is loved by many for its soothing and aromatic scent. The Romans and Greeks would always want to add some of it into their baths for its calming fragrance. Lavender tea is made of the flowering plant’s small buds.

The herb may also treat insomnia and sleep disorders, which can put your body under too much stress that directly affects your well-being. You can prevent stress from ruining your health and wellbeing by incorporating lavender tea in your nighttime ritual or adding it to your diet.  Lavender tea is what you need to relax tensed nerves for its sedative properties as well.

Final Thoughts

Combine herbal teas into your diet and nighttime routine and experience their relaxing and sleep-inducing effects.  Chamomile, lavender, valerian root, spearmint and lemon balm tea are five of the choices for you! You can drink one by itself or combine it with one another for better results.

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