Best MCT Oil Review –

Best MCT Oil Review

Sometime around the middle of the last century, fat became public enemy number one in the eyes of those responsible for promoting public health.  Reduced or eliminated fat became the order of the day and even now reduced-fat or no-fat options are promoted as healthier choices.

This attitude is understandable and there is a certain amount of justification for it.  The fact of the matter is that many people are leading much more sedentary lifestyles than they did in previous years, which means that they need fewer calories and hence less fat.

Part of the hysteria about fat, however, was prompted by questionable research which linked saturated fat with cholesterol and cholesterol with heart disease.  While this research was undertaken with the best of intentions, subsequent research has raised serious questions about its assumptions.

It’s also become known that some of the purportedly “healthy options” such as margarine, are actually very far from being beneficial and that even today foods which have their fat removed tend to have ingredients such as sweeteners added instead, making them far from as nutritionally-beneficial as their advertising would have customers believe.

It’s now recognized that even those with sedentary lifestyles need a certain level of fat in their diet and that if a person’s lifestyle is too inactive for them to take fat safely, the best approach is for them to increase the amount of exercise they take rather that to try to eliminate fat from their diet.

As medical professionals now realize, healthy fat intake is a combination of getting the right level of fat for your lifestyle and eating the right type of fat.  You’ve probably already heard of saturated and unsaturated fats and may be under the impression that unsaturated fat is the only way to go, but actually, the truth is rather different.

All fats can be pictured as a chain.  Most of the links in the chain will consist of carbon and hydrogen atoms (in a ratio of about 1 to 2) and some kinds of fat will have some oxygen atoms in there as well.  The precise nature of how these links are constructed will determine what kind of fat it is and how the body processes it.

In simple terms, you can get short-, medium- and long-chain fats and current scientific research indicates that it is the mid-chain fats, also known as medium-chain triglycerides, which are by far the most beneficial for the body.  MCTs are particularly desirable when an individual is pursuing one of the following three goals.

best mct oil review

Weight management

MCTs are processed more like carbohydrates than fats.  Instead of undergoing a slow digestion process, they are quickly transported to the cells (via the liver), where they are used as a readily-available source of energy.  Assuming you keep your overall calorie intake within recommended levels, very little of the MCTs you consume are likely to be stored as fat.

Another benefit for those watching their weight is the fact that MCTs are highly digestible means that they can help to stave off hunger pangs and boost energy levels, hence making it less likely that a person will give in to the temptation of unhealthy snacks.


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Sports performance

Right before competitions, many athletes need plenty of energy in a format which won’t fill up their stomach (and hence make them slow and/or give them cramps) and, of course, it has to be completely free of anything which could accidentally wind them up in trouble with the sports authorities.  MCTs can serve this purpose to perfection.

mental alertness

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Mental alertness

You may have heard the old jokes about fish being good for the brain.  Well fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, so it is beneficial for the body as a whole (including the brain), but if you want a dose of healthy energy to get your brain going (in the morning) then MCTs could be just what you need.


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Best Time To Take MCT Oil

The ideal time to take your MCTs is when you feel you would benefit most from the boost they offer.  For many people this means in the morning (often with their coffee) and perhaps mid afternoon as well.  Athletes, of course, will have their intake determined by the requirements of their training regime.

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How To Take MCT Oil

The right way in which to take your MCTs depends on various factors, including your preferences.

You can consume MCTs by eating coconuts or coconut oil.  Having said that, while coconuts are a rich source of MCTs, only a relatively small percentage of what you eat will actually be MCTs, even if you eat coconut oil.  This is why it can be more beneficial to consume an actual MCT oil.

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Here is a list of The Best MCT Oils – Best MCT oil review

BulletProof Brain Octane

The name BulletProof is probably best associated with coffee, but actually, they offer a broad range of health and wellness supplements aimed at enhancing physical and mental performance and this oil is well worth a mention in our best MCT oil review.  BulletProof Brain Octane is often seen and indeed used as a natural partner for coffee, particularly morning coffee, but it can actually be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

BulletProof Brain Octane is extracted from coconut oil, which obviously comes from coconuts, but which can be (and is) harvested in a sustainable manner.  In other words, from an environmental perspective, it’s a far better choice than some sources of palm oil, although these days some manufacturers are working hard to produce palm oil in an ethical way.

The BulletProof company prides itself on its triple distillation process, which uses only heat, water and pressure in order to keep the end product as pure as nature intended.  Eighteen pounds of coconut oil go into each 16 oz bottle and the end result is pure Caprylic oil (C8).  This means that BulletProof Brain Octane gives a significant cognitive boost as well as offering metabolic benefits.

Bulletproof XCT Oil

Bulletproof XCT Oil is manufactured in much the same way as BulletProof Brain Octane but it uses about a third of the quantity of coconut oil and as a result it provides a combination of Capric and Caprylic oils (C10 and C8).  Because of this its benefits are mainly metabolic with a lower degree of cognitive boost.

As is generally the case, neither oil is objectively better than the other, which one is best for you depends on your particular needs and wants.

Bulletproof - Upgraded MCT Oil - 16oz (single) (16oz) (Now called XCT Oil)
24 Reviews
Bulletproof - Upgraded MCT Oil - 16oz (single) (16oz) (Now called XCT Oil)
  • Fast Energy - MCTs are easily converted to ketones, supporting energy needs of the body and brain.
  • Supports Weight Management -- MCT's are shown to supports an increase in thermogenesis
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Immune system benefits -- Studies support fungicidal capacity of Caprylic fatty acids
  • Nutrient Absorption - supports absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamins A, D, E & K

Caveman Coffee Co MCT Oil

The Caveman Coffee Co really is a company which is focussed on coffee, but don’t let that put you off.  They only put their name to the highest-quality products and this supplement is right up there with offerings from well known names in supplements such as Swanson.

In spite of the fact that they are a coffee company, the Caveman Coffee Co are actually big fans of the paleo diet and lifestyle, hence their decision to create their own MCT oil.  They also used coconut oil as their source material and, again, are very clear that the coconuts used in their products are sustainably harvested.

Caveman Coffee Co MCT Oil is advertised as being for use in coffee, but in reality you can actually take it however you like.  As is generally the case, it combines more easily with hot liquids than cold ones and you might want to think about using a blender rather than just hand stirring.

NOW Foods Now Sports Pure MCT Oil

We’re not sure why NOW Foods advertises its MCT oil as being a sports supplement.  It will certainly be of benefit to athletes, but it will also deliver valuable nutrients to people without any sporting inclinations.

NOW Foods’ MCT oil is made from a combination of coconut oil and palm oil and has a 60:35/40 ratio of Capric and Caprylic oils (C10 and C8).  Unusually one of the major selling points is its packaging.

In addition to coming in a glass bottle (rather than a plastic one), the packaging is easy to open and pour (bearing in mind that the product is an oil rather than a liquid).  Although we’ve never tried this ourselves, we’ve heard of people fitting pump dispensers to these bottles for even easier use.

NuMedica MCT Oil USP

The “USP” in the product name stands for “United States Pharmacopeia” and means that the coconut oil has been verified to their standards.  Again this is coconut oil rather than palm oil and this is another product which comes in a glass bottle for improved sustainability.

NuMedica MCT Oil USP is defined as much by what it guarantees is left out as much as what it puts in.  It is free from: : wheat, gluten, corn protein, yeast, soy, animal or dairy products, artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives.

This supplement is noted for having a particularly neutral taste, which could make it a good choice for those who want the benefits of coconut oil without the actual taste of coconut.  It also means that it blends easily with other foods and liquids, so could feasibly be used in smoothies and dressings as well as the classic coffee.

Onnit MCT Oil

Onnit’s MCT Oil is unusual in that it is openly advertised as containing Lauric acid (C12), whereas most MCT oils focus on the content of Capric and Caprylic oils (C10 and C8).  The oft-overlooked Lauric acid actually brings its own benefits.  In particular, it’s known for its ability to help the body fight off harmful microorganisms such as bacteria.

The headline benefit, however, is still the C10 and C8 content, which comes from coconut oil, as opposed to palm oil.  The ratio of C8, C10 and lauric acid is in the region of 38%, 31%, and 30%.  In addition to being sustainably harvested, the coconut oil used for this product is GMO free and Onnit are working to achieve organic certification.

Onnit have opted to use a plastic bottle rather than glass, to reduce the chance of breakage, but the bottle is BPA free.  As this oil thickens without hardening, some users opt to pour it into a container with a wider mouth and just eat their serving as a snack.  Alternatively it can be used with coffee, liquids or food in the standard manner.

Onnit MCT Oil, 24 Fluid Ounce
7 Reviews
Onnit MCT Oil, 24 Fluid Ounce
  • MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) are a beneficial fat that's easily converted into fuel in the form of ketones, one of the brain's primary sources of...
  • Onnit MCT Oil is tasteless and odorless, making it great for smoothies, protein shakes, salad dressings, unheated sauces, and more. Not recommended...
  • Great with coffee. Onnit MCT oil is a bulletproof way to turn your morning cup of Joe into a creamy, delicious source of sustained energy for the day,...
  • A superior alternative to coconut oil for MCTs. Coconut oil is great, but it contains relatively small quantities of MCT's, particularly C8 (Caprylic...

Sports Research MCT Oil

This supplement has impeccable environmental and sustainability credentials to go along with its nutritional credentials.  Not only is it GMO-free but it is made from the oil of organic coconuts.  Those looking for the ultimate in environmental credentials may be disappointed to learn that this is a plastic bottle, but it’s BPA-free and recyclable.

As with all of our recommended list, the quality of this oil is very high and as it is odorless and tasteless, it offers a lot of flexibility in usage.

Sports Research Emulsified Mct Oil Supporting Energy And Healthy Metabolism - 100% Coconut Sourced (Creamy Vanilla)
  • EMULSIFIED MCT OIL: Providing you all the benefits of MCT oil in the most convenient way possible. As thick and smooth as a coffee creamer, eMCT oil...
  • BENEFITS: MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) are a particular type of beneficial fat that requires minimal action from the liver to convert directly...
  • NO MORE MESS: Emulsified MCT oil stirs into hot or cold liquids smoothly and evenly.But the uses don't stop there. Add emulsified MCT oil to your...
  • SUSTAINABLE SOURCING: Our MCT is sourced from environmentally sustainable Coconuts and contains the full spectrum of MCTs.

Swanson Premium 100% Pure MCT Oil

Given that Swanson is one of the biggest names in supplements, some people might be wondering why it took us so long to get to them.  The answer to that is the alphabet!

This supplement is everything you’d expect from Swanson.  It’s an effective product at an affordable price.  It is, however, not organic and it states that it may be made from coconut and/or palm oil.  Hence if wellness is your main priority, this could be a good, value choice.  If, however, you place a premium on environmental friendliness and sustainability, then you might want to look elsewhere.

Swanson 100% Pure MCT Oil (Vegetarian, 946ml)
  • Vegetarian, 946ml
  • Derived from Coconut and Palm Kernel Oil
  • Heart Essential Fatty Acids

Viva Labs MCT Oil

This supplement is unusual in that it’s the only one in our list which is made from oil extracted purely from the palm kernal.  Viva Labs has addressed sustainability concerns by only working with suppliers who have achieved certification from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

Viva Labs MCT Oil offers an approximately 60:40 ratio of Caprylic acid (C8) and Capric acid (C10) and its nutrients are extracted without the use of solvents, to create a product of great purity.

The only downside to this product is the fact that the cap can make pouring a challenge, although overall it’s good enough to be worth decanting into another container if this is an issue for you.

Viva Labs 100% MCT Oil: 32-Fluid Ounces, Naturally Extracted and Sustainability Sourced
  • Rapidly Utilized Source of Energy - medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are immediately utilized by the body for energy, rather than being broken down...
  • Supports Weight Management - Viva Labs MCT Oil promotes the metabolism of nutrients by producing ketone bodies, thereby increasing fuel production,...
  • Odorless and Tasteless - anyone with a sensitive palate can enjoy the neutral taste and odor of Viva Labs MCT Oil. MCT oil is easily substituted with...
  • 100% Capric and Caprylic Acid - as the active constituents in Viva Labs 100% MCT oil, these 8-10 carbon saturated fatty acids provide energy-boosting...
  • Bulletproof Coffee Must-Have - enjoy the neutral flavor and therapeutic properties of our MCT oil in your morning cup of coffee for its long-lasting,...
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Making the most of your MCT oil

You can choose to eat your MCT oil “neat”, right out of the bottle.  Some people prefer this option as a quick and easy approach to getting the nourishment they need.  Alternatively, you can add your MCT oil to another food or drink, such as coffee.

As a rule of thumb, MCT oil works best when it is added to liquids which are warm rather than hot or cold, since this makes it easier to blend with the liquid without damaging its nourishment.  Even with warm liquid, you will probably find it easier to use a blender than to try to mix the MCT oil with the liquid by hand.  If you want to add MCT oil to cold liquids such as smoothies and dressings then a blender is really a must.

MCT oil can be heated to up to 375°F while remaining effective.  To put this into perspective for you, the boiling point of water is 212 °F (at standard atmospheric pressure), hence it is perfectly feasible to add MCT oil to coffee even before it is cooled to drinking temperature.  You would, however, want to avoid frying or roasting with it, even though it is technically a fat.

Never put any liquid containing MCT oil in a styrofoam cup, since it is very likely to dissolve the styrofoam.  If you want to take an MCT-infused drink with you (for example to drink on the train) then take it in a reusable travel cup.

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Introducing MCT oil to your diet

If you’ve done any reading on MCTs and MCT oil, you’ll probably have heard dire warnings about the possibility of it causing brutal diarrhea.  If the person making the comment is being completely honest (and informed), they will probably acknowledge that this is because they either started with a higher dose than was recommended or they increased the dose too soon.

Most sources recommend that you start with one teaspoon of MCT oil per day.  Please note the difference between teaspoon and tablespoon (we’re being absolutely serious here).  You could quite feasibly start with even less to see how you get on.  As your body adjusts, you can start to increase the dose gradually – if you want.

Remember to measure your dosage accurately, rather than guesstimating.  We’d actually suggest investing in a proper measuring spoon.

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Some of the best selling MCT oil supplements

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