Best Hand Wraps Ultimate Guide & Top 10 – Muay Thia, Boxing and MMA

Best Hand Wraps Ultimate Guide & Top 10 – Muay Thia, Boxing and MMA

You got the wraps but how about the gloves? Read Our Buyers Guide

If you asked the average person to name as many pieces of boxing equipment as they could, we doubt that many would think to mention the hand wraps which go under boxing gloves (or Muay Thai gloves or MMA gloves) and yet these hand wraps play an essential role in protecting a fighter’s hand.

The basics of hand wraps

Boxing gloves are used to absorb impact.  The hand wraps which go underneath them are used to keep the hand in the right shape for punching (thus helping to protect against injury) and to support and strengthen the wrist (ditto).

NB: Even if you are 100% confident that you will never ever lose your concentration and wind up throwing a bad punch (we’re not), if you’re sparring with someone else, you’re still at risk from being injured through their mistakes.  Frankly we look on hand wraps for boxers in the same way as helmets for many other sports.  You need them, simple as that.

For the record, if you’re the type of person who typically just “toughs out” injuries, then think about this, you’re going to get older, all those little injuries you could have avoided will add up.  Seriously, if hand wraps were expensive, we could understand skipping on them, but they’re actually really affordable and for the protection they give they are literally invaluable.

Types of hand wraps

For the sake of completeness, we’ll mention two forms of hand wraps we doubt many people will use.  The first type are glove hand wraps.  Frankly even the best glove hand wraps just do not come close to the sort of protection offered by wrap-around hand wraps.  They are strictly for fitness classes.  The second type is “tape-and-gauze wraps”, which are used in actual competitive fights.  This type is very useful in the ring but unnecessary for training.

So for practical purposes, the two types of wrap which are used in day-to-day training are traditional boxing hand wraps and what are called Mexican hand wraps.  Traditional boxing hand wraps are based on cotton weave and therefore have no give to them.  This makes it possible to wrap the hand very tightly, which is good for fighting, but is not necessarily all that comfortable.  Mexican hand wraps have elastic in them and hence feel gentler on the hand.

Having said that, these days the best traditional hand wraps tend to come with a touch of elastic in them, so while there’s still a noticeable difference between traditional hand wraps and their Mexican counterparts, modern boxing hand wraps are definitely more comfortable than they used to be.


Choosing the best hand wraps

Realistically when it comes to choosing the best hand wraps, you’re choosing between the best boxing hand wraps and the best Mexican hand wraps.  The best Muay Thai hand wraps are simply rebranded versions of traditional boxing hand wraps and/or Mexican hand wraps, usually the latter.  In other words, pick the length and form you like best and you can use your hand wraps for any of these three sports.

How to wrap your hands

A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is probably worth even more, so we’d suggest you have a trawl on YouTube for hand wrapping videos and experiment until you find the way that suits you.  So that you understand the theory behind the practice, we’re going to explain the basic principles of hand wrapping.

Hand wrapping essentially has three goals.  It protects the knuckles, binds the hand into the correct shape and supports the wrist.  Which of these goals takes priority depends on the sport you are practicing.  Boxers typically emphasize supporting the wrist whereas Muay Thai and MMA fighters emphasize protecting the knuckles.  This reflects the fact that boxing gloves are generally somewhat thicker than Muay Thai and MMA gloves and so give greater protection to the knuckles and fingers.


Five points to keep in mind when you are wrapping your hands

Use decent hand wraps.  Seriously, even premium hand wraps are very affordable.  Consider them an investment.  The cheapest hand wraps (or improvised ones) may actually do more harm than good by chaffing to the point where they cut your knuckles.

Check which way up the hand wraps should go.  Some brands have this marked on them.  If they don’t we suggest you mark the hand wraps yourself to make your life a bit easier when putting them on.

Be sensible with the tension.  It may sound like stating the obvious but your blood still needs to be able to circulate so avoid wrapping your hand so tightly you restrict your circulation.  At the same time, make sure you wrap your hands tightly enough that the hand wraps are able to offer meaningful protection.

Hold your hand the right way while wrapping it.  Regardless of whether you’re practicing boxing, Muay Thai or MMA, you’ll need your hand to be shaped in a fist at the end of your wrapping.  This means you need to hold it in a fist at certain stages of the wrapping process.

Remember to wrap your wrist.  Even if you’re practicing Muay Thai or MMA rather than traditional boxing, you still need wrist support.

Remember to wrap your thumb.  Your thumb may be your thickest finger, but it still needs to be protected.  Trust us, you don’t want to learn the truth of this the hard way by breaking your thumb.


How to wash hand wraps

Hand wraps usually come with their own washing instructions but generally speaking you can just put them in a cold wash and then air dry them.  Never put them in a tumble drier.  We strongly recommend you put them in either a mesh bag or a pillowcase first.  Many brightly-colored hand wraps will leak color over the first few washes so when they’re new we suggest you hand wash them until they start to hold their color.

So, having now covered pretty much everything you need to know about hand wraps, let’s jump in to the ten hand wraps we recommend.

You got the wraps but how about the gloves? Read Our Buyers Guide

Top 10 Hand Wraps – Muay Thia, Boxing and MMA

Everlast 4455-3 3-Pk. Hand Wraps

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Everlast 4455-3 3-Pk. Hand Wraps

When buying Everlast hand wraps, you need to be a bit careful because they do two sizes.  One size is 108 inches and the other is 180 inches, most adults will need the latter.  The smaller size is great for children, but the advertising we’ve seen for them features adults, which we thought was a bit odd.  We suspect that Everlast may simply be reusing photos it took for another purpose.

Another slightly odd feature of their adverts is that they describe the wraps as meeting professional and amateur requirements.  Leaving aside the fact that pro boxers still tend to use tape and gauze for actual fights, bluntly we doubt there are many (any) pros using Everlast products even for training.That may seem a strange comment to make about a product we’re actually happy to recommend, but basically it all boils down to what you want.  People who are new to a sport, particularly children, are generally best to look for affordable, value brands, which will give you decent performance at the lower levels of the sport until you decide whether or not the sport is for you.  If you decide it is, you trade up and you can often pass on your used equipment to someone else.

Everlast has built its brand on offering exactly that, so we’re happy to recommend these wraps for that purpose, just remember to double-check the size!

Everlast 4455-3 3-Pk. Hand Wraps
46 Reviews
Everlast 4455-3 3-Pk. Hand Wraps
  • Made of machine-washable 100% durable cotton-weave
  • Convenient thumb loop with Velcro closure for easy and secure wrapping
  • Meet professional and amateur requirements
  • 120-Inch

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Fairtex Hand Wraps

We like Fairtex hand wraps because for us they hit a nice, sweet niche between the tightness of traditional boxing hand wraps and the stretchiness of the Mexican ones.  As you’ve probably guessed, they’re a bit stretchier than the former and a bit tighter than the latter.  We suspect that this will make them a product you either love or you hate, but we’d certainly suggest them as worth a try even if you only practice one sport and definitely if you practice more than one.

The general quality of these wraps is very high, they stand up to both wear and washing with the caveat that they do have a bit of a reputation for fading over time.  Having said that relatively few hand wraps last as long as these ones and so reach the point where the fade is noticeable.  We particularly like the fact that the hook and loop closure is not only robust but is wide enough to do its job without being so wide that it makes it difficult to put on your gloves.

Overall these hand wraps mould well to the hand and keep their shape, by which we mean they neither bunch up nor crinkle.  The level of protection is also perfectly acceptable for training.

NB: As far as we’ve been able to tell, these wraps only come in the standard 180” size.  This is what most adults will want, but may be a bit long for smaller adults, children and those who like their gloves with a tight hand compartment.

Ringside Mexican-Style Boxing Handwraps, Blue, 180-Inch, Set of 2
  • Slightly elastic cotton blend material
  • Thumb loop and hook & loop closure
  • Machine washable with handwrap wash bag
  • Comes in pair
  • 180" of semi-elastic material
  • Offers vital protection for the bones of the hand and wrist
  • Hook & loop closure allows you to get them on and off in seconds

Hayabusa Perfect Stretch v3 Mexican Style 180" Boxing Hand Wraps

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Hayabusa Perfect Stretch v3 Mexican Style 180″ Boxing Hand Wraps

We’re going to start this review with a bit of a warning, while we’ve lots of good things to say about these hand wraps, their ability to keep their color in the wash isn’t one of them.  This is a bit unfortunate because Hayabusa currently only make this hand wraps in bright colors (as far as we’ve seen).  Over time this will stop but until it does it’s a bit of a nuisance, in our opinion.

Tip: for the first few washes, either wash these by hand by themselves or wash them with items where the color bleed isn’t going to matter (too much).  Then once the color bleed stops (which it will eventually) you can put the in the washing machine as usual, obviously keep them out of the tumble drier.

The other point we have to flag about the Hayabusa hand wraps is that depending on how you usually loop your wraps, you may end up getting tangled up in knots with these until you adjust.  We’d suggest you head to YouTube and look for a video called “How To Wrap Your Hands For MMA & Boxing With Georges St-Pierre”, in which he demonstrates hand wrapping with Hayabusa hand wraps and not only do we like his technique ourselves, we’ve heard a lot of other people do too.

So, having dispensed with the warnings, why do we like these Hayabusa hand wraps so much?  Basically using these boxing hand wraps is like covering your hands in a protective gel.  They mould perfectly to the shape of your hand to be ultra comfortable in use, but they still provide the support and protection you need to do some heavy hitting.

Hayabusa Perfect Stretch 2 Handwraps Green
3 Reviews
Hayabusa Perfect Stretch 2 Handwraps Green
  • Superior Hand Protection and Bio-Alignment.
  • Ultra Soft, "Mexican-Style" Design for Optimal Comfort.
  • Superior Breathability and Unmatched Comfort.
  • 180 Inch Long Machine-Washable Handwraps.

Kakoa Sports Boxing Hand Wraps - Mexican Style (stretchy, elastic)

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Kakoa Sports Boxing Hand Wraps – Mexican Style (stretchy, elastic)

At current time we can only find these hand wraps in 108”, which means they’re only really suitable for children and smaller adults.  This is a bit disappointing because these are very high quality hand wraps we’re sure larger adults would appreciate.

Unlike the Hayabusa wraps mentioned above, the Kakoa Sports wraps are great in the wash.  We’d recommend putting them in a mesh bag or a pillowcase first and obviously they’re not for the tumble dryer, sadly we’ve yet to find a pair of hand wraps which is.

These hand wraps are billed as being multi-use, in other words, suitable for boxing, Muay Thai and MMA and we’re guessing this is why they are 120” in length, rather than the standard 108” or 180” inches.  Basically they’re long enough to fit most adults, but will still go under the tighter gloves used in MMA and Muay Thai.  The fact that they’re “Mexican-style” means that they have a bit of stretch to go over larger hands if need be.

NB: Kakoa Sports used to sell these hand wraps in 108” only.  They changed their sizing around November 2017.  That being so, we’d suggest you double-check the size of any pair you buy.

The material has decent breathability, meaning that when your hands sweat, which they will,  you’ll be spared the irritation of itching under your gloves and there’s enough of a hook and loop fastening to do the job without bulking up the wrap.

We’d love to see these hand wraps in a broader range of sizes and we’re aware they won’t fit everyone, but if they fit you, they’re definitely worth a look.

Meister Adult 180" Hand Wraps for MMA & Boxing

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Meister Adult 180″ Hand Wraps for MMA & Boxing


You can get a set of three pairs of these hand wraps for only slightly more than you’d pay for one set of Hayabusa hand wraps.  This, of course means, that you can’t expect the same sort of quality and need to set your expectations accordingly.  On the other hand, if you’re a beginner/lower intermediate, you probably don’t need Hayabusa quality and might well prefer the excellent value these Meister hand wraps offer.

They are full standard length, i.e. 180” and are made out of a blend of cotton and Spandex.  It should be noted that the emphasis is firmly on the cotton, which means that these hand wraps are very much in the traditional boxing style rather than the Mexican style, but the Spandex does add a bit of stretch and helps the wrap to form to the hand.  The fact that the material is mostly cotton does keep it nicely breathable.

NB: While these hand wraps are safe to wash in the sense of keeping their shape and structure, the red ones leak their color very easily, in fact it may come off on your hands when they get sweaty.  This will obviously stop in time, but until you’re sure it has, please be a bit careful when washing these hand wraps.

The other point we would make is that the hook and loop closure is described as “oversized”.  In our opinion, this is unlikely to be an issue with most boxing gloves, except, maybe, for ones which have really small hand compartments, but might make these wraps a bit on the bulky side for getting MMA and Muay Thai gloves on and off easily.

Meister 180' Elastic Cotton Hand Wraps for MMA & Boxing (Pair) - Black
114 Reviews
Meister 180" Elastic Cotton Hand Wraps for MMA & Boxing (Pair) - Black
  • Super Comfortable Semi-Elastic Cotton/Spandex Hand Wraps
  • Full Knuckle, Hand and Wrist Protection - 180 Inches in Length (4.5 M)
  • Thumb Loop and Strong Velcro for a Secure Wrap
  • Machine-Washable and Extremely Durable
  • Ideal for MMA, Boxing and Muay Thai. Sold as Pair (2 Wraps)

Meister Elastic Gauze Hand Wraps for Boxing & MMA - Mexican Style

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Meister Elastic Gauze Hand Wraps for Boxing & MMA – Mexican Style


We have to admit these hand wraps kind of remind us of hospital dressings, which is rather ironic because they actually do a very good job of making sure that you don’t need to go to hospital after one of your training sessions.

These hand wraps are a somewhat unusual 150” in length, which is probably long enough for all but the biggest adults and helps reduce the bulk of the hand wraps, hence making it easier to get gloves on and off, particularly tighter-fitting ones.

Unlike the previous Meister hand wraps wraps, these are Mexican style and hence are a combination of double-woven cotton gauze and elastic.  They are really soft and comfortable as well as nicely stretch and yet they do provide meaningful protection.

Probably the single biggest difference between these hand wraps and our other picks is that they close with a detachable clasp rather than the more usual hook and loop closure.  This may take a bit of getting used to but it does mean you don’t have to throw out hand wraps just because the closure has worn out.  Speaking of wearing out, unlike most gauze hand wraps, these hand wraps can be washed and reused many times over.

Meister Elastic Gauze Hand Wraps for Boxing & MMA - Mexican Style - White - 10 Pack
  • Mexican-style elastic cotton blend gauze for wrapping hands and wrists
  • Super soft double-woven blend stretches and conforms for ideal protection
  • Can be used multiple times unlike most fighter gauze on the market
  • Ideal for boxing, MMA, muay thai and other contact sports - 150" x 2"
  • Traditional protection for both professional and amateur fighters. 10 Pack

Pro Impact Boxing/MMA Hand Wraps

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Pro Impact Boxing/MMA Hand Wraps

Even though these are Mexican style hand wraps they’re a bit less stretchy than you might well expect from that style of hand wrap.  They still have much more give in them than the traditional style of hand wrap, just a bit less than typical Mexican ones do (in our experience).

We’re not sure if there is a connection between this fact and the fact that these hand wraps are much more durable than we’d anticipate at this price point.  They stand up to repeated washing without bunching up or wrinkling and both the colors and the hook and loop closure seem to hold up well.

The Pro Impact hand wraps are the standard 180”, which means even those with larger hands should be covered, literally.  Overall, we’d say they offer great value and would expect them to last over the long term.

Pro Impact Boxing/Mma Handwraps 180' Mexican Style Elastic 1 Pair Black
1 Reviews
Pro Impact Boxing/Mma Handwraps 180" Mexican Style Elastic 1 Pair Black
  • Elastic hand wraps , 180'' with velcro closure Elastic conforming material
  • Great support for hand and wrist Fasten securely with hook and loop closure
  • Machine washable Perfect for your boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, boxing aerobic or martial arts needs

RDX Boxing Hand Wraps Elasticated MMA Inner Gloves Fist Protector

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RDX Boxing Hand Wraps Elasticated MMA Inner Gloves Fist Protector

According to the adverts, these RDX hand wraps are 4.5 metres long.  That is 177 inches.  To be perfectly honest, we didn’t fancy trying to measure them so we’re not sure if they are actually the standard 180” or if they actually are 177”.  We suspect that for most people three inches is unlikely to be a big deal, but if you have super-large hands, you may want to think about going for a brand where the hand wraps definitely are 180”.

Anyway, while we are happy to recommend these hand wraps overall, there are a few caveats we feel we need to flag up.First of all, you can expect color bleed at least for the first few washes.  Frankly, in our experience, this is par for the course with brightly-colored hand wraps, but we thought we’d better mention it.

Secondly, these wraps are fine to roll and unroll – as long as you keep them the right way up.  Unfortunately at present time there are no markings on them to show which is the right way up.  This issue can be easily solved with the help of a marker pen.

Finally, we have heard complaints about the hook and loop closure coming loose and needing to be stitched back on.  We’re not sure if these complaints relate to a faulty batch but we have heard that once the owners put a bit of extra stitching in the velcro, they were absolutely fine.  Again, if this does happen to you, it should be an easy fix.

Otherwise, these are great hand wraps.  They are made out of elasticated carbon fiber, which, we have to say, made us do a double-take since we’ve never associated carbon fiber with comfort.  We are, however, happy to say that these hand wraps seem to be an exception to that rule of thumb and are perfectly reasonable to wear, moulding themselves nicely to the hand.

RDX says that the use of carbon fiber offers a higher level of protection than is possible with regular (cotton-based) hand wraps.  We’re not sure how we could test this scientifically, but in our opinion, common sense would suggest that RDX is right on this and in any case, we’re perfectly happy with the level of protection these hand wraps provide.

RDX Boxing Hand Wraps Elasticated MMA Inner Gloves Fist Protector 4.5 meter Bandages Mitts
489 Reviews
RDX Boxing Hand Wraps Elasticated MMA Inner Gloves Fist Protector 4.5 meter Bandages Mitts
  • RDX Pair of loop end Elastic Carbon Fiber Hand Wraps with hook and loop
  • Extra thick carbon fiber woven material offers even better protection than regular hand wraps
  • hook and loop at the other end allowing you to secure the wraps, It's ideal for exceptional athletes
  • The wraps are approximately 4.5 meters long
  • Hook-and-loop closure for easy on and off

Ringside Mexican Style Muay Thai MMA Kickboxing Training Boxing Hand Wraps

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Ringside Mexican Style Muay Thai MMA Kickboxing Training Boxing Hand Wraps

Ringside have built their reputation on providing great quality at affordable prices and these hand wraps do exactly that.  The thumb loop is a decent size and the elastic in the cotton gives a nice amount of stretch.  We’ve heard stories about the hook and loop closure needing a bit of extra stitching to make it really tight, but to be honest we’ve heard the same about a few brands and it it does happen, it should be straightforward to fix.

We’re not sure if there’s a connection, but we have also heard stories about people buying these hand wraps online only to discover that they’ve been sent what appear to be counterfeits.  We don’t know the ins and outs of these stories but given Ringside’s good reputation it does seem reasonable to believe that there could well be counterfeits out there so we’d suggest that if you go for these hand wraps (or indeed any other quality brand) you make sure to buy them from a reputable seller.

We’ve also heard a few stories about the “this side down” marker being printed on the wrong side.  As before, we’ve never actually seen this ourselves, but in our opinion if this happens on genuine Ringside hand wraps, it’s no big deal as long as you can tell which side is which.

These hand wraps are in the standard 180” length and overall we’d rate them as some of the most comfortable and protective wraps around.  They mould well to the hand and it’s easy to get gloves on and off over the top of them.

Ringside Mexican-Style Boxing Handwrap, Black, 180-Inch
  • Slightly elastic cotton blend material
  • Thumb loop and hook & loop closure
  • Machine washable with handwrap wash bag
  • Comes in pair
  • 180" of semi-elastic material
  • Offers vital protection for the bones of the hand and wrist
  • Hook & loop closure allows you to get them on and off in seconds

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Venum Boxing Hand Wraps

We’re big fans of Venum but the two main reasons we’re big fans of Venum don’t really apply here.  First of all we love Venum’s proprietary Skintex, which is as near as we’ve come to finding a synthetic leather which really feels and acts like genuine leather.  Secondly, Venum makes products which look really good, but hand wraps go under gloves so this isn’t actually all that important.

Having said that, these are still perfectly good quality hand wraps.  They’re available in two lengths (2.5 metres and 4.5 metres otherwise known as about 100” and about 180”) and a variety of colors.  They come in stretch (elasticated) cotton for good shape and a comfortable fit and there is a perfectly decent hook and loop closure.

In other words, these hand wraps are a very solid buy, which we’re perfectly happy to recommend on their own merits; they just don’t have the wow factor we’ve come to associate with Venum.  The exception to this is the “camouflage” color option, which we absolutely love, but in all honesty, given that it’s currently more than twice the price of the other color options, we have to admit we doubt we would actually fork out the money for it.

Venum Unisex Adult Kontact Boxing Handwraps, Black, 4m
83 Reviews
Venum Unisex Adult Kontact Boxing Handwraps, Black, 4m
  • Improved hand and wrist protection
  • Velcro straps
  • Machine washable
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