Best Boxing Gloves – Fighting , Sparring & Bag {Expert Guide}

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If you’re going to be doing any sort of training with a heavy bag, then you need gloves.  It’s that simple.  In fact,  you need decent heavy bag gloves to protect your hands from injury.  With that in mind, we’ve put together a round-up of what we think are the top 10 best heavy bag gloves for heavy bag use.

Cleto Reyes Extra Padding Training Gloves

Cleto Reyes is arguably one of the most respected brands in combat sports and these gloves are a good example of why and with good reason they are top of our best heavy bag gloves list.  Everything about them highlights the quality for which Cleto Reyes has become synonymous.

The outers are high-quality leather, behind which there is a nylon lining to stop moisture from getting into two inches of padding, which protect your fingers and knuckles.  This is important as these gloves have leather palms rather than mesh.

One point to note is that the amount of padding in these gloves means that the actual weight is about 2 ounces more than the stated weight, however the gloves do feel light on the hands.  As is often the case with gloves of this kind, they can be a very snug fit during the breaking-in period and, in particular, you may struggle a bit to get your hand wrap through the elastic cuff, which works together with the wrist wrap to keep the glove secure.  Stay with it, however, and you’ll wind up with a paid of superb gloves at a very reasonable price.

Cleto Reyes Extra Padding Training Gloves - Velcro - Black - 14-Ounce
4 Reviews
Cleto Reyes Extra Padding Training Gloves - Velcro - Black - 14-Ounce
  • Manufactured with the best quality control in leather and all materials.
  • Attached thumb prevents eye injury and also prevents thumb from being broken or sprained.
  • Water-repellent nylon lining prevents moisture from entering padding.
  • Two inch padding in the punch area for better protection.
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Contender Fight Sports Traditional Style Pro Bag Gloves

Although not explicitly billed as “heavy bag gloves” these gloves are perfectly suitable for heavy bag use.  They come in at a very affordable price, which means that you have to set your expectations accordingly, for example there’s no proper wrist wrap, instead you get a wide elastic band at the base of each glove.  You can, of course, add your own wrist wrap and this works fine for many people but those with particularly slim hands may wish to look elsewhere.

That detail aside, however, these gloves offer excellent value as they are well-padded and over perfectly respectable build quality.

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Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Heavy Bag Gloves

Ignore the MMA bit, heavy bag training is heavy bag training regardless of what sport you’re training for (if any).  The key fact of the matter is that these gloves offer the sort of solid value for which Everlast has become renowned.

Unlike the Contender heavy bag gloves above, the Everlast heavy bag gloves do have a wrist wrap and hence may feel a bit more reassuringly snug on slimmer wrists.  They also have an open thumb, which seems to be a matter of taste.  Some people love have their thumb free and others say it makes them feel vulnerable.  If you’re in the former group, these heavy bag gloves are definitely worth a look.

Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Heavy Bag Gloves (L/XL)
  • More than 1" of formed foam padding makes for excellent fit and protection
  • Far east style open thumb helps make a more compact fist
  • Velcro wrist closure
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Everlast Neoprene Heavy Bag Gloves

These heavy bag gloves are another solid value offering from Everlast.  Like the Contender gloves, they use an elastic strap rather than a proper wrist wrap, but this plus the open thumb means that they are very easy to slip on an off, which appears to be the general idea.  There’s plenty of padding, particularly for the fingers and especially the knuckles and the use of mesh over the palm helps to allow sweat to escape and to keep your hands nice and cool.

Everlast Neoprene Heavy Bag Gloves
  • Made of comfortable and tough neoprene material
  • Allows both speed and power when working out
  • Manufactured in United States
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Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

Even though Everlast is known for the affordability of its products, we have to say, we do think these gloves look very good and, for the price point, they also offer very good performance.

The thumb is fully enclosed and the thumb pouch has a grip cord for extra grip when punching and there’s plenty of padding to keep your fingers and knuckles from hurting.  The palm is mesh to keep sweat at bay and the wrist cuff has an antimicrobial treatment to help tame odor.  The wrist wrap is hook and loop, which is quite impressive for gloves of this price.

Overall, we’d say these glove will take you comfortably (in every sense of the phrase) from beginner through to intermediate.

Everlast Pro Style Elite Training Boxing Gloves (Red , 16oz)
  • EVERLAST Pro Style ELITE Training Gloves
  • • Premium synthetic leather along with superior construction increases durability. • Full mesh palm ensures breathability and comfort.
  • • Anti-microbial treatment fights offensive odors and bacterial growth. • Improved curved anatomical grip and fit.
  • • Ideal for sparring, heavy bag workouts, and mitt work. • Available in 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz sizes.
  • Premium synthetic leather along with superior construction increases durability.
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Fairtex Boxing Kickboxing Muay Thai Style Sparring Gloves Training Punching Bag Mitts

What we particularly like about these gloves is that even though they have real leather outers and are very robust, they are very easy to break in.  You might mind that just one session is enough.  If we have one gripe about these gloves, it’s that they do seem to take their sweet time to dry.  Having said that you can get drying inserts for them or, just work around the old-fashioned way and put some bicarbonate of soda into little fabric bags (using a natural fabric like cotton) and put them inside for the cheap version.

The padding does its job well and we quite like the fact that Fairtex has basically split the difference between mesh palms and leather palms by creating a leather palm with ventilation holes.  These gloves fit snugly on the hand and the hook and loop wrist wrap keeps them firmly in place.  Overall, you can reasonably expect these gloves to look good and perform well even after literally years of use and abuse.

Fairtex Muay Thai Style Sparring Gloves, Blue, 14-Ounce
6 Reviews
Fairtex Muay Thai Style Sparring Gloves, Blue, 14-Ounce
  • All-purpose training gloves are applicable for sparring & pad work
  • Wrap-around Hook & Loop closure
  • Premium leather construction
  • Comes in pair
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Fairtex Breathable Thai Style Training Gloves

These gloves look the business and feel the business.  To begin with the outer is made of leather and while we appreciate that’s bad news for vegetarians and vegans, the hard truth is that as yet we’ve been unable to find any synthetic material which stands up to abuse the way real leather does.

Behind that leather outer, there’s plenty of padding to keep your fingers and knuckles intact (these gloves to have thumb protection) and a mesh lining for breathability, which also helps to eliminate that sweaty smell, which can spoil leather-palmed gloves.  As you’d expect at this price point, there’s an effective hook and loop wrist wrap.

Overall, these aren’t the cheapest gloves out there, but if you invest in them, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth.

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV1 BR Breathable Black Size: 16 Oz. Training Gloves for Kickboxing MMA K1
3 Reviews
Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV1 BR Breathable Black Size: 16 Oz. Training Gloves for Kickboxing MMA K1
  • All purpose training gloves. With vectro straps. Tight fit and compact design.
  • Handmand in Thailand. Constructed of premium quality leather with the Fairtex signatured three-layered foam system for excellent hand and knuckle...
  • Ergonomically engineered with a unique contoured and tight-fit hand compartment design to provide a secure and snug fit.
  • Featuring special material on palm area and more inventilation hole on finger and above grip bar for better air circulation to eliminate moisture
  • Recommend for bag and pad work. The wraparound hook and loop wristband is easy to use and designed to provide a better fit for greater comfort and...
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Fairtex Muay Thai boxing gloves BGV1 Falcon Gold – best heavy bag gloves

The first point you have to understand about these gloves is that they have been deliberately designed to have a tight fit.  By this, obviously, we don’t mean “cut off your blood flow tight”, we mean “maybe a bit snugger than you’re used to” tight.  Basically the idea is that these gloves will hold your hand securely in the correct position while you punch.

When you do punch, you’ll find the leather outer and three layers of foam padding will ensure that your fingers and knuckles are kept safe and the shock of the impact is well dispersed over the surface of the glove.  The hook-and-loop wrist strap will ensure that these gloves stay put even over the heaviest of sessions.

We also have to add that we think these gloves look really good as well as performing well.

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Hawk Boxing Leather Boxing Gloves Gel Training Gloves Bag Gloves Muay Thai UFC Gloves

Even though the description looks like it’s been written more for search engines than for humans, these are actually really good heavy bag gloves, in fact (in our opinion) they’re just as good as heavy bag gloves which cost a whole lot more.

If we had to pick out one feature we particularly liked about these gloves, it’s the fact that they slide on and off really easily, but once they are on, the high-quality wrist wrap makes sure they stay on.  In fact, we’d especially recommend these gloves to people with slimmer wrists, who might have had trouble getting other gloves to hold snugly.

We’d also like to say we do appreciate it when manufacturers offer gloves in more than one colour, for the simple reason that it makes it a bit easier to identify who owns what gloves at the gym.  Also, we rather like the freshness of the white version.

These gloves have excellent padding, so you can really give a heavy bag all you’ve got and the stitching will stand up to plenty of abuse.  There is a breathable lining to deal with sweat and the ThumbLok feature offers a bit of extra safety.

Hawk Boxing Leather Boxing Gloves Gel Training Gloves Bag Gloves Muay thai UFC Gloves, 1 YEAR WARRANTY!!!! (White, 14oz)
2 Reviews
Hawk Boxing Leather Boxing Gloves Gel Training Gloves Bag Gloves Muay thai UFC Gloves, 1 YEAR WARRANTY!!!! (White, 14oz)
  • Perfect Design: Gel Infused & Multi Layered V-Impact Foam Boxing Gloves Reduces the chance of injuring your fists. High Quality and Durable Sparring...
  • Wrist Protection: Extra-thick Supremo-Shock Foam based padding on knuckles of these leather boxing gloves with separate padded block over wrist-joint.
  • Anti-perspiration Holes: These Boxing training gloves have a breathable Pinhole Palm that offers Increased Hygiene Efficiency Reduces Offensive Odors,...
  • All Purpose: These boxing gloves are Ideal for sparring, heavy bag workouts, and mitt work | Hook & Loop wrist strap for quick on-and-off boxing...
  • Style and Size Matters: Hawk boxing gloves come in various sizes 10oz & 12oz ideal for training, bag and mitt work, whereas 14oz & 16oz is ideal for...
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MaxxMMA Neoprene Washable Heavy Bag Gloves

It has to be said that the sizing on these heavy bag gloves is on the small side, so basically if you do go for these heavy bag gloves, buy two sizes up from what you think you’ll need.  Other than that, these are very comfortable gloves with a proper wrist wrap, plenty of padding, a mesh palm and a semi-open thumb.  Speaking of the mesh, you can get it in grey or yellow, which we think is a nice touch.

The headline benefit of these heavy bag gloves is that they are machine washable and we’ve even heard of them being put in tumble dryers although we’d assume this was on the lowest heat setting and not something we’d try ourselves (even though these heavy bag gloves are a very reasonable price).  We do, however, appreciate just being able to throw these in the washing machine.

MaxxMMA Neoprene Washable Heavy Bag Gloves - Boxing Punching Training (Neon Yellow, L/XL)
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Approximate Dimensions: S/M 4.25" (W) x 10.25" (L), L/XL 4.5" (W) x 11.25" (L)
  • Completely machine washable for added benefits
  • Moisture wicking lining is ideal for cool, comfortable and dry workouts
  • Pre-curved foam and a padded palm grip offer excellent hand protection
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RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing Gloves Sparring Training Glove Punching Bag Mitts Muay Thai F4

Ignore the keyword-laden description, these are excellent heavy bag gloves, in fact in our opinion they’re far better for heavy bag work than they are for sparring because they are quite hard.  They are also superbly tough on the outside and exceptionally well-padded on the inside so basically you can throw all your weight into your punch and know that your hands will be effectively protected.

In addition to the padding, there’s also a special lining in the hand area to whisk away sweat and help to keep your hands cool and dry.  The other key point about these gloves is that while they do have a wrist wrap, it works a little differently to your standard one, again, you either like it or you don’t.

Overall, we’d consider these gloves to be on a par with gloves over twice their price and we’d consider them to be an excellent, long-term investment purchase for people who know that they’ll be committed to training for at least two or three years to come.

RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing Gloves Sparring Training Glove Punching Bag Mitts Muay Thai F4
  • Fashioned with the most exquisite full grain Cow Hide Leather
  • 'IMT' three layers of Gel integrated padding for heavy duty shock absorption
  • Heavy duty shock absorption to take the most grueling hits
  • Once you try these you will not go back to regular boxing gloves again
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RDX Ego Boxing Gloves Muay Thai Training Professional Maya Hide Leather Sparring Punching Bag Mitts kickboxing Fighting

As far as we can tell Maya Hide translates as leather, but moving swiftly past the keyword-filled name, we can cut to the chase and tell you that these are great gloves, which will give you many years of capable service.

The leather outer is hand-stitched and after a few sessions on the heavy bag, you’ll discover for yourself how thorough a job the workers at RDX have done.  What we really like about these gloves, however, is the “Quadro-Dome Technology”, which is a fancy way of saying, RDX have put a lot of padding into these gloves so that not only is your hand protected but it is held in the right shape.

The palms are vented leather, which is a good compromise between protection and breathability and the combination of a decently long opening and sturdy hook and loop wrist wrap means that the gloves are easy to get on and off, but once they’re on, they’re really on.

In general, we’d say that these gloves are simply outstanding for the price.

RDX Maya Hide Gel Sparring Leather Boxing Gloves, Red, 16oz
640 Reviews
RDX Maya Hide Gel Sparring Leather Boxing Gloves, Red, 16oz
  • Resilient Maya Hide leather construction makes these boxing gloves stubbornly durable and long-lasting
  • Extra-thick Supremo-Shock Foam based padding on knuckles with separate padded block over wrist-joint along with shock dissipating gel lining between...
  • Quick-EZ Velcro closure with extra-long strap provides enhanced wrist-support and a snug fit
  • Exclusive S.P.P incorporated palm for air ventilation and breathability on palm-side
  • Designed using exclusive RDX Quadro-Dome Technology to equally disperse force throughout area of impact
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RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing Gloves Punch Bag Mitts Sparring Punching Training Kickboxing Muay Thai Martial Arts

Again, “maya hide” apparently simply means that they have leather outers behind which there are three layers of padding on the main part of the glove and two layers at the wrist.  This means that not only are your fingers and knuckles well protected, but your wrist bone is unlikely to be damaged by the constant pounding of training.  The hook-and-loop wrist strap does its job well and keeps these gloves secure while you pummel the heavy bag.

One point you should note is that these gloves are designed to be tight-fitting to offer maximum support to your wrist.  This means that you may find them a little uncomfortable until they are broken in.  Once they are broken in, you will probably still find them on the snug side compared to many other gloves, but not uncomfortably so.

Overall these are superb gloves, which offer excellent value.

RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing Gloves Punch Bag Mitts Sparring Punching Training Kickboxing Muay Thai Martial Arts
  • Exclusively designed Patent Pending R-Core mold makes these boxing gloves light yet unbreakably durable
  • Highly Compressed EVA-LUTION Foam padding absorbs shock-impact without allowing charged molecules to spill into hand
  • Supremo-Shock Equilibrium sheet applied against the exclusive R-Core mold to provide ample shock-absorption against heavy impacts
  • CoolX ventilation mesh allows moisture to escape
  • New Quick-EZ hook and loop closure with extra-long strap offers support and wrist stability
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Ringside Golden Gloves Heavy Bag Gloves

In spite of the name, these are actually black gloves with yellow highlights, which do look rather stylish (in our opinion) but are definitely not golden by any stretch of anyone’s imagination.  The name is a reference to the Golden Gloves of America, Inc which aims to promote boxing in general and the safety and development of young athletes in particular.  Ringside donates some of the profits from the sales of these gloves to that organization.

Fortunately these heavy bag gloves have more than just a connection with a worthy cause going for them.  They are solidly built on the outside and have plenty of padding on the inside.  The wrist wrap does its job well and the inner lining feels comfortable as well as protective.

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Ringside Lace IMF Tech Training Gloves

We have to say up front that if your plan is to train completely on your own, then you probably want to move on to any of our other suggestions.  These are lace-up gloves, which means that you’re almost certainly going to need some help to get them on and off again.  The reason why there is still a market for lace-up gloves (aside from the fact that they have a certain degree of “old-school cool”) is that it’s much easier to fit them, exactly, how you like them.  For the record, the lces stay in place just as well as hook and loop straps do.

Moving on from there, the outers are synthetic leather, but are still very decent and there’s 2.5 inches of foam padding behind it.  If you want a pair of gloves which you can break in quickly but which will still last the course, then definitely take a look at these.  To us, they felt like they were already broken in and ready to go.  The thumb is enclosed and the palm is full (synthetic) leather, both thumb and palm have some breathing holes.  We’d have preferred a few more but, to use at least, it’s a minor issue.

We’d say these gloves are really good value for what you get and provide solid protection for both fingers and wrists.

Ringside Lace IMF Tech Training Gloves, White, 14 oz
  • Ringside's limited edition imf Tech sparring gloves exude performance, while offering unprecedented savings
  • The injected molded foam padding System envelopes the fist in a 2 1/2 inch
  • The gloves are constructed of durable synthetic leather
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Sanabul Essential GEL Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves

The “Essential” line is Sanabul’s entry-level line and prices reflect this, but what it means in practice is that products are absolutely fine for general forms of training such as the heavy bag, but if you do decide to move ahead with kickboxing, then you’re probably want to move on up.

These gloves are decently strong on the outside.  We doubt they’ll stand up to years of use, but by the time they wear out, you’ll probably be happy enough to upgrade anyway.  There’s plenty of gel padding on the inside and a mesh palm both of which kept to keep your hands safe and comfortable.

Rather impressively for this price point, these gloves have a proper wrist wrap (rather than an elastic strap) and it does its job very well.  There’s also a women’s version of these gloves, although there are plenty women use the standard version perfectly happily.

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Gloves (Black/Green, 14 oz)
  • Performance Engineered Leather construction. High quality and durable material is easier to clean and maintain
  • Gel Impact Protection Foam. Gel infused foam provides superb protection and softness to help prevent injury to your hands while training
  • Longitudinal Arch Design. Constructed to fit the natural curvature of the hand for proper fist closure while striking
  • Secure Velcro Closure System. Ensures a secure fit for training while making the gloves easy to put on or take off
  • Mesh Palm. Helps keep hands cooler and increases breathability of the gloves. PLEASE NOTE THE SIZE GUIDE IN THE DESCRIPTION BELOW. THE MOST COMMON...
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TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves

These gloves are tough on the outside, well-padded in the middle and with a lovely, comfortable lining on the inside.  As you’d expect from gloves of this quality, the lining is breathable to help keep your hands dry and comfortable.  These gloves will stand up to some serious pounding and will give your hands outstanding protection.

If we had to name one feature about these gloves which we particularly liked, it’s that the wrist wrap is a bit longer than usual, which makes life a whole lot easier for those of us who do up our gloves ourselves and need to use our teeth for the second one.  We also like the fact that they’re available in different colours, which helps with quick identification at the gym.

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TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves

If you have the budget and you’re serious about training, then these could well be the heavy bag gloves for you.  We couldn’t say that you’ll never need to buy another pair, but it will probably be a while before you do and by that we mean years.

Hit that heavy bag as hard as you like, these gloves can take it.  The outer material and stitching are built to withstand some serious abuse.  You’re hand won’t feel it either, as it will be safely behind plenty of high-quality padding and a comfortable, breathable liner.

Speaking of comfort and just for the record, trust the TITLE fitting chart.  When you first get your hands in these gloves, you’ll probably find them a little tight.  That’s because (just like shoes), they’re going to expand a little bit once they’ve been worn in.  Stick with them and once you’ve given them a bit of work, they should fit perfectly.

On the subject of perfect fits, we also like the wrist wrap, which not only does its job very well but does it very conveniently.  In other words, these gloves are easy to get on and off, but once they’re on they stay on until you decide to take them off.

TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves, Red, Large
  • Colors: Black/White, Red/White
  • Sizes: M, L, XL
  • Weight: ~16 oz
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Venum Competitor Carbon Edition Boxing Gloves

We mentioned before that in our opinion there’s currently nothing out there which gives quite the same feel and protection as real leather.  Well Venum’s Skintex comes pretty close and we wouldn’t be at all surprised if Venum became the first company to produce a synthetic leather which was absolutely indistinguishable from the real thing.  (We bet they’re working on it).  So vegetarians and vegans, if you’re serious about training, head this way.

Venum has plenty to offer everyone.  We’ve mentioned in previous review that, honestly, we just love the fact that they arguably produce the best-looking products out there without compromising on performance.

Although the Competitor gloves are at the more affordable end of Venum’s range, they’re still everything you’d expect from the brand, starting with great padding and a reinforced palm.  We give Venum bonus points for creating a wrist opening which makes it easy to get these gloves on and off and putting it together with a sturdy hook and loop wrist wrap to ensure that they stay firmly in place while you’re hitting that bag.

Venum Unisex Adult Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves, Black, 16 oz
139 Reviews
Venum Unisex Adult Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves, Black, 16 oz
  • Triple density foam for a better shock management, and a top hand protection
  • Breathable interior mesh
  • Embossed Venum logo (3D touch) on each gloves
  • Large velcro enclosure with elastic for a better adjustment
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Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

We’re going to say up front that these gloves are really classy (OK in our opinion) and we think that wearing them will make you the envy of the gym.  Moving on to their actual performance, the outer is Venum’s customary Skintex and then they’re a layer of triple-density foam and a reinforced palm.

What we really like about the palm is that although it is solid Skintex for protection, there are not only breathing holes, but also a layer of mesh inside to wick away moisture, thereby giving you the best of both worlds.

As you’d expect from Venum, these gloves are easy to take on and off and the wrist wrap has the additional function of providing extra support and, hence, reducing the risk of injury.

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves , Black Matt / Black, 16 oz
85 Reviews
Venum Elite Boxing Gloves , Black Matt / Black, 16 oz
  • Premium Skintex leather construction.
  • Specific mesh panel placed under the fist for great thermal regulation.
  • Triple Density foam.
  • Reinforced palm for a maximum absorption.
  • Strengthened seams for a long-lasting quality.

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In short

A good pair of heavy bag gloves is an investment in your comfort and safety regardless of whether you’re training at home or in the gym.  For those training in gyms which supply gloves, we’d still suggest getting your own pair as quickly as you can for two simple reasons.  Firstly it puts you in control of what specific gloves you use and secondly it puts you in control of their cleanliness.  Bluntly, heavy bag gloves are like workout shoes, they get sweaty and given how affordable even the higher-end gloves are, we’d say that’s a very strong argument for getting your own.

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